Forward March Studios Infantry

What's Up with All the Cat Names?

When you look in the Forward March Studios Library, you will not find any files titled, "infantry." Instead, you'll see dozens and dozens of files called MEGA CATS, ANGRY CATS, MASTER CATS and DANGER CATS. These are the infantry models. I used these names as iteration markers when I started designing the 3d files, and never changed them because they remained useful for telling the families of models apart.

A guide to the Library

This page is a guide to the Forward March Studios Library of 2mm figures.  It won't make much sense if you aren't already a license holder.  To fix that problem, click the link below!

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The model infantry in both MEGA CAT models and ANGRY CAT models are exactlythe same. The only difference between the codes is in the number of strips per model, and how the models are attached to the sprues.

MEGA CAT infantry have (14) strips per model. If you print out the model MEGA CAT 40mm 3 Rank, this means you will get (14) bases of infantry, with each base having three ranks, and being 40mm wide. MEGA CAT infantry are attached to the sprue back-to-front. 

ANGRY CATS have (10) models per base, in two rows of five, attached to a single, central rail. This rail can be easily cut away with scissors or a hobby knife without harming the figures. 


Master Cat

All models with MASTER in front of them are individual bases without sprues. These are best used on FDM printers.


Danger Cats

DANGER CATS are 4:3 scale models designed so that each 2mm figure is free standing.  They are the exact same height as the other infantry, but there is a visible gap between each infantry model, as opposed to the recesses in the others. These are designed for SLS printers, although a good quality FDM on with high-detail settings can also handle them.  They look quite cool when painted up and are ideal if you really want to go to town painting facings, cuffs and faces at 2mm!


I need a specific number of ranks for the unit I'm modeling. How do I find it in the Library?

Good question! The file names tell you what base size and formation the figures in the model are deployed in.  You can also open the files up in a previewer to see what will print out.


I want to do 1:1 figure ratio units! Where do I start?

It depends on how many men were in the unit! But, for generic units, you could start with the following standards:

British Napoleonic Infantry at Campaign Strength:  (3) 2-rank, 60mm bases per battalion.

French Napoleonic Battalions at Campaign Strength:  (3) 3-rank, 40mm bases per battalion.

Austrian Napoleonic Battalions at Full Strength:  (7) 3-rank 40mm bases per battalion.

Russian Napoleonic Battalions at Campaign Strength:  (3) 3-rank, 30mm bases per battalion.

American Civil War Regiments: These varied greatly, so that 3 bases of any size will accurately represent regiments. For more accuracy, include regimiments of greatly varying strength in the same brigade.