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What Is Forward March Studios?

Forward March Studios produces 3d printed files of 2mm wargaming model soldiers.  By printing them off on a 3d printer, you can recreate the biggest battles in human history with exacting detail.  Over one hundred models and counting!

Beginners Guide to the Library

So you bought the library, downloaded it, and are wondering how to get started on your 2mm armies?  Look no further than the link below!  Click for pictures, explanations and descriptions of all of the models in the range.

2mm Photo Album

Pictures of 2mm battles from around the world!

Forward March Miniatures Blog

Click here to check out my blog.  Its the best place to find out what's on my 3d printing work bench, my random thoughts on 2mm historic wargaming, and much, much more!

2mm Wargaming Tips

New to 2mm scale?  Wondering how to get started?  Click here for hobby articles!


So what are you supposed to do with these figures?  How do you print them out?  What is the best way to print them?  For answers to all these questions and more, click here:



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Please click the link below if you have any questions about Forward March Studios and its range of 2mm, 3d printed miniature war game figures.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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