welcome to forward march studios!

Forward March Studios ("FMS") is not your average miniature soldier company.  Traditional model soldier companies sculpt figures, cast them in metal, store them, and ship them around the world.  These costs add up, especially shipping, and are passed on to the customer. 

Here at Forward March Studios we create 3D printable files using a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program.  These files can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere in the world, and printed out locally on a 3D printer.  This avoids all the costs associated with overhead, shipping, and distributor relationships.

The files are organized in the Library.  The Library is a comprehensive collection of miniatures, including terrain, that allows you to cheaply recreate the largest battles in history.  All of the pictures on this website feature Forward March Studios miniatures, and nothing else (other than some cotton balls and clump foliage!).

To purchase and download the 200+ models in the Forward March Studios Library, just follow the simple instructions below.  At the end, click the red button that will take you to a page that will explain how to turn your 3D printable files into physical miniatures that you can use on the table top!


Step 1

Click the button on the homepage that says "BUY FORWARD MARCH MINIATURES." This will take you to the Gumroads website that is used as a point-of-sale and where the files will be stored after you purchase them.


Step 2

Click the link on the Gumroads website that says "I want this."  This will then prompt you to pay via credit card or Paypal.


Step 3

After you purchase the Library you will receive a link to the files in your email.  You can download all of them as a ZIP file, or you can download individual files by scrolling down the list. 

You will have permanent access to the files after you purchase the Library, so you don't have to worry about losing access afterwards.  The Library is also constantly growing with the addition of new files.  Once you purchase the Library, you will also have access to the new files as they are uploaded.  You do not need to pay anything extra, or do anything to gain access to newly updated files.  After they are uploaded the new files will appear in the Library automatically. 

And that's it!  


Click the button below for instructions on how to print your Forward March Studios files in order to create actual Forward March Miniatures.  Don't worry if you don't have your own 3D printer; these instructions are just for you!

how to 3d print forward march miniatures from a 3d printing service