FORward march miniatures cavalry



There are three cavalry codes in the Forward March Miniatures library.  There are 52, 112, and 104 horse squadrons.  All of the cavalry are deployed in two rows.  The 112 and 104 horse models both contain four squadrons.  The 56 horse model contains eight squadrons.

These models represent, respectively, an undersized campaign strength squadron (88 horse), and two variations on a full strength squadron.  The 104 horse squadron contains (four) subdivisions of troops in each squadron.  The 112 horse squadron contains two subdivisions.  You can cut the strips up to create undersized squadrons, as required.  If you are interested in playing at a high troop-to-figure ration, you can use the 52 horse squadron models, but treat the base as a brigade, with the "companies" acting as full squadrons (each marked with a guidon, of course!).

The squadron was the tactical equivalent to the batalion.  If you look at the picture to the left, you can see seven regiments of French cavalry maneuvering in twenty-eight total squadrons as they attack an Austrian infantry division that has formed square.   

As a general rule, squadrons did not get much larger than 100 horse during the Napoleonic era, because of the difficulty in coordinating larger units at the tactical level.  That said, a regiment might be as small as one squadron, or as big as eight, or even larger.  You will have to use your historic research to guide you.  The cavalry offering in in the Forward March Miniatures Library is designed to be a tool to help you form historically accurate units.

Are these models also at 1:1 ground scale like the infantry?

Yes!  Forward March Miniatures cavalry are designed at the same 1:1 ground scale as the rest of the range.  If you want to represent every cavalryman at the Battle of Waterloo or Borodino, you can do so with Forward March Miniatures. 

What model do I need to print to get a 1:1 scale model regiment?

As stated above, the models all contain a number of squadrons.  A generic cavalry regiment might contain four squadrons. The models are designed to reflect this, so that each cavalry model contains four squadrons (except for the 52 horse squadron model, which contains eight squadrons).

When you see the model you'll notice slight breaks between the groups of cavalry; these represent platoons and companies, which were the subformations of the squadrons.  They are included for added verisimilitude.

Why don't the cavalry come with flags?

Long story short:  I tried it out, but flags don't look right when you 3d print them directly onto the cavalry.  Use's flags or make your own!

Trust me, it will look better!