The Buildings and bridges


2mm Buildings . . . or 3mm, or 6mm!

Buildings make or break a table-top battlefield, in our humble opinion.  This is even more the case with 2mm miniatures, when having an attractive gaming table is quite important to maximze the visual impact of the miniature.  Having a large range of buildings and bridges, and a lot of them, is critical to brining your tabletop to life.  Whether you are playing at 1:1 scale, or using a more abstracted style of game (such as the picture at left), you are always better off with more buildings on the table if you can find them.  Forward March Miniatures provide you with a plethora of options for decking out your table top battlefield.  And, if you don't play 2mm but a larger scale, you can easily increase the size of the files at the 3d printer and create 3mm and 6mm buildings instead.  

As a rule of thumb, each 6' x 4' area of the table should have at least 50 and up to 100 building models on it.  Each building model in the library contains a number of different buildings.  

The German Street Models represent buildings in a town, attached side-by-side. They are useful for showing denser development in the central areas of towns.  The rest of the building models contain a dozen to two dozen copies of the described building.  All of these buildings are in the same 2mm scale as the figures.  There is also one model that contains indiviudual copies of the town buildings, which is designed to be used at an FDM printer (this model is clearly marked as such).

Don't forget to pick up a copy of the windmills!  Nothing will set your table apart from larger, compensating wargame scales, than a bunch of windmills.


Use FDM for the cheapest buildings, or make copies with latex molds


Yes, you heard right.  A model soldier designer is encouraging you to make cheap rip-off copies of his models to save yourself some money.  This is clearly not your usual model soldier range!

Seriously though, I would recommend experimenting with FDM printing of the buildings, even if you do everything else at Shapeways.  These models are designed to be as cheap as possible at Shapeways –and they aren't expensive - but you can really make a lot of very cheap copies n FDM.  Or, if you want to go all-out, try making copies with a liquid latex mold. I do this myself; the result is that I have hundreds and hundreds of building models that I haven't gotten around to painting, for a fraction of what 3d printing them would have cost me.  


Many more buildings are in the works

Forward March Miniatures is a living range, meaning that it will be updated indefinitely by its creator.  In particular, there are many new buildings on my drawing board that I'd like to bring out in the next few weeks and months.  I'll be making these available as supplements to the library.  I plan to make new building models available for free for my customers semi-regularly.