Current Library Contents

Models Currently Included in the Forward March Studios Library as of 05/28/2018

The Infantry

Each infantry model is available in 2, 3 and 4 rank variants and two sprue configurations, one with 10 models, and one with 14 models.

20mm Infantry Strips, no flags

20mm Infantry Strips, one flag

20mm Infantry Strips, two flags

30mm Infantry Strips, no flags

30mm Infantry Strips, one flag

30mm Infantry Strips, two flags

40mm Infantry Strips, no flags

40mm Infantry Strips, one flag

40mm Infantry Strips, two flags

60mm Infantry Strips, no flags

60mm Infantry Strips, one flag

60mm Infantry Strips, two flags

There is also a special FDM infantry model without bayonets, which is available currently only in 40mm strips, with three ranks.  The lack of bayonets means that this can be easily printed on a low-end FDM printer.

The Cavalry

The cavalry are currently available only in 2 ranks but a three rank variant is planned.

52 Horse Squadrons on a 40mm Frontage

112 Horse Squadrons on an 80mm Frontage (Two company groups)

104 Horse Squadrons on an 80mm Frontage (Four company groups, bigger gap between ranks, possibly easier to paint)

The Artillery and Train

Artillery Come in Both Bicorne and Shako/Kepi Versions.  

4 gun batteries, 40 guns total

6 gun batteries, 60 guns total

8 gun batteries, 80 guns total

Limbers and six horse team, Shako, Kepi, 18 limbers per model

Caissons and six horse team, Shako, Kepi, 18 caissons per model

Supply Wagons, 2 horse team, 18 wagons per model

The Generals

All generals' bases come in both bicornes or shako/kepi versions. Titles are only suggestions, any sized base is appropriate for any level of command at the customer's preference:

15mm Round "Regimental commanders"

20mm Round "Brigade Commanders"

30mm Round "Division Commanders"

40mm Round "Corps Commanders" (coming soon!)

50mm Round "Army General" (coming soon!"

The Skirmishers

The skirmish model comes with shako/kepi headgear, and contains (4) 80mm strips.  These can easily be cut into 40mm or 20mm strips as needed.   

The buildings

German barn / workshop

Large wooden bridge

Church and tower

2 story houses

Large stone bridge, four towers

Large stone bridge, no towers

L-Shaped, one-story cottages

Windmills 1

Windmills 2

German House, FDM

Individual German townhouses, FDM

Single House Collection (Town houses)

2-Story German Houses

German Street Section 1

German Street Section 2

German Street Section 3

German Street Section 4

German Street Section 5

German Street Section 6

Small wooden bridges

Small stone bridges, no towers

Small stone bridges, four towers

Short wooden bridge

Large wooden bridge with buildings on it

This list shows all models in the current Forward March Studios Library.  If you are a new purchaser, you will receive all of the listed files in your download.  If you have already downloaded the library but are missing some updates, contact us at this website and we'll send you the new ones.  Be sure to check here from time to time for exciting new updates.