CUSTOMER REferral reward program

Earn Money Spreading the Word About FORWARD MARCH STUDIOS!

We are excited to introduce The Forward March Studios Customer Referral Reward Program.  This is a unique reward program for the ambassadors of the biggest smallest scale.  

The Customer Referral Rewards Program works by giving you a cash reward for every verified new member you refer to Forward March Studios.  

Here are the rules:

· The referred sale must be for the full-purchase price of the Forward March Studios Library.  It is currently $15 but may change from time to time in the future.  The purchase must be made through the point-of-sales utilized by FMS (Currently ).

· For each verified referral you will be awarded $5.00.  This amount is subject to change upon notice as explained below.  

· Referrals must be verified.  To verify a referral, the person referred must email me at and tell me that you referred them to the website.  They must identify you through some means reasonably calculated so that I can tell who it was that referred them.

· You must also email me and let me know who you referred.

· After receiving notice from both the referring member and the referred member, I will verify the sale to the referred member.

· Upon verifying the sale, I will add your award into a database for future disbursals of award money.  

· Each month will have two disbursal periods.  One ends at 11:59 PM on the 14th of the month.  The other ends on the last day of the month at 11:59 PM

· Awards will be disbursed on the 1st and 15th of the month for the prior period.  

· The deadline for disbursal of award money will be 11:59 PM of the day before disbursal. 

o Example:  During the period from July 2d to July 14th at 11:58 PM you referred nine paying members who were verified by FMS.  At 3:45 AM on the 15th you refer one paying new member.  You will receive an award payment on the 15th for the nine referrals made from July 2d to July 14.  You will receive an award payment for the one referral made on the 15th on August 1st. 

· Disbursements of rewards due to participation in the Forward March Studios Customer Referral Program will be made through Pay Pal or other reasonable electronic method agreed upon by the referring member and FMS jointly.

· All costs for disbursement of award funds will be paid for out of the award sum (e.g., Paypal transfer fees).  

· Forward March Studios reserves the right to cancel or amend or terminate The Customer Referral Awards Program at any time, for any reason.  

· In the case of a modification to these terms, the new modification will take place immediately upon the provision of electronic notice of the modification (see below).

· In the case of a termination of the program, the aggregation of new awards will cease immediately upon the provision of electronic notice (see below).  The final disbursements of any awards due will be made within 30 days from the announcement of the termination of the program.

· Provision of Electronic Notice.  Notice of the modification or termination of the Forward March Studios Customer Referral Awards Program will be made by email to the email address provided to FMS when you purchased your license, and by other online announcement as deemed appropriate by FMS in its sole discretion.

·  Electronic notice will be effective as of the time it is sent by FMS.

·  By taking part in the Forward March Studios Customer Referral Program you agree to the foregoing terms and conditions.

Waiver:  This is a customer reward program and not a promise of employment.  Forward March Studios is not responsible for any misrepresentation made nor promise or agreement between referred customers and referring members.  FMS is not responsible for any expenses incurred when referring customers to FMS.